The performance of a BattleFly is primarily dictated by the synergy of its Mods. However the Traits of a BattleFly also contribute to performance.

Advanced details on the relationship between Types of BattleFlys, Rarity, Traits and Stats is provided below:

30,010 Cocoons were minted in our Genesis Mint. Speculators should take note that the supply of cocoons will increase in the future. There are five types of Genesis BattleFlys.


Most Genesis BattleFlys are created as drones. They feature generative Wing Armor designed by the BattleFly team.

Quantity: 20,466

Collab Editions

More than 80 NFT projects created their own custom Wing Armor for Season 1 of BattleFly. These limited edition BattleFlys will never be recreated.

Quantity: 9,524


Ten 1/1 Iconic BattleFlys representing the core AI Factions within the game were created by the BattleFly team. These feature hand-drawn artwork created by our Creative Designer Jean Curci. All Iconics have Legendary rarity.

Founder Edition

220 1/1 Founder BattleFlys were created and minted to holders of the v1 Founders NFT. By default all Founder Editions are “Rare” or above.

Charity Editions

The BattleFly team has held Charity auctions where we sell custom BattleFlys to raise money for causes we are passionate about. Past causes we supported include: - Save the Children Myanmar - Red Cross Ukraine - Reforestation efforts of OneTreePlanted

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