Your guide to to the Mods that make or break your BattleFly.


The synergy and combination of your mods has the highest impact on your BattleFlys performance so choose and refine your selection wisely.

Each BattleFly comes equipped with 4 mod slots, comprised of:

  • 2 Weapons

  • 2 Systems (1 Defence & 1 Utility)

Alongside the active mod slots, BattleFlys have a default of 4 additional inventory slots that allow mods to be switched to test new combinations. Additional inventory slots can be purchased in game to allow for even more loadout combinations.

Getting New Mods

New mods can be acquired by scavenging in the Wastelands where you will be presented with 3 mods and are able to keep upto 1.

Each scavenge currently costs 5 MAGIC.

To increase the likelihood of receiving a specific Mod, select the Set/Season it belongs to and then the Wasteland that produces that Mod type.

When scavenging you have the options to reroll your haul for 150 Nectar and attempt to upgrade the rarity of a given mod for 100 Nectar. Mod Packs can be recycled for 250 Nectar.

Available Mods

Over 370 Mods were initially introduced in Seasons 1 & 2.

Now, Season 3 welcomes 100+ more Mods with the full list of all Legendary Mods available here:

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