The information in this section is for moderate to advanced players only and is not required to be understood by new players in order to play Battlegrounds.


In the BattleFly universe, strategy is paramount and goes beyond mere numbers; it’s a symphony of calculated chaos within a high-tech battlefield.

Your BattleFly possesses three main defensive attributes: Evasion, Armor, and Shields. Evasion represents the nimbleness of your BattleFly, its capacity to dart away from incoming danger. Armor is akin to the protective exoskeleton of your BattleFly, persistently providing damage reduction from every assault. Shields, meanwhile, operate like an force field that regenerates over time, preserving the vital Hit Points of your BattleFly.

The interplay of these defense mechanisms allow for complex strategic dynamics: Rapid-fire attacks are effective at disrupting shields but struggle against a heavy layer of armor. Meanwhile, high-impact, slower attacks can wreak havoc on armored BattleFlys, yet they may prove futile against a BattleFly built for evasion.

Then there are the weapons, each adding a unique dynamic to the battlefield. From EMP discharges that can stun an opponent to debilitating viruses that gradually undermine your adversary’s BattleFly, these tools add to the strategic depth of each confrontation. Starting with Season 2, an important part of the BattleFly strategy lies in the levelling and the acquisition of traits. These traits can dramatically alter the course of a duel and turn your BattleFly from a mere competitor into a champion. The Hyperdome arena is a canvas for your strategic genius!

Here's a quick look at eight potent BattleFly build archetypes that can steer you towards victory:

  • Stunlock Shocker: Utilizing a EMP gun or cryo ammo paired with fast weapons, this build methodically reduces an opponent's momentum, turning them into a sitting duck for your retaliatory strikes.

  • Shadow Striker: A stealth-based build that stays hidden as long as possible to deliver devastating, slow attacks, striking fear into the hearts of opponents.

  • Critical Connoisseur: This build is for the lovers of massive numbers; stacking critical hit chance and damage to deliver impressive bursts of damage.

  • Artillery Ambush: Built around the keyword "barrage," this approach secures an early advantage with strikes at the onset of combat, raining havoc on adversaries.

  • Fallout Frenzy: A high-risk, high-reward build leveraging the self-destructive force of Nukes to decimate both you and your opponent – hoping you survive the blast.

  • Electric Leech: The Nano Neuronet mod is key in this build to electrify enemies shields while recharging even broken shields. Turn your enemies' strength into your survival tool!

  • Shield Capacitor: This endurance build focuses on maximizing shields to outlast opponents at any cost. Patience is a virtue, and this build capitalizes on that.

  • Core Cracker: With an emphasis on employing potent rad effects or black hole turbines, this build zeroes in on your opponent's HP directly, bypassing defenses entirely. It's all about exposing the core and cracking it open.And this is just the beginning...

With the upcoming release of the 'Lost Silo', we anticipate new iconic builds will emerge, taking BattleFly strategy to new heights.

Advanced BattleFly Information

Primary Stats

Stat NameAbbreviationBase ValueDescription

Hit Points



Hull, at 0 BF is knocked out and looses.

Hit Point Regen



Passive regeneration of Hit Points




Negates damage (If a player has 2 armor and takes 3 damage, he only takes 1 damage instead, armor doesn’t break).

Shield Points



Acts as a second HP bar (Must be depleted BEFORE dealing HP damage.)

Shield Regen



Passive regeneration of shield points. If shields drop to 0, Shield regen stops for the rest of the Battle.




Percentage chance to totally dodge attacks

Critical hit chance



Percentage chance to increase the damage of a given attack by DCRIT %

Critical Damage



Increase Critical damage

Critical Resist



Prevents Critical damage

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