Playing Battlegrounds

Instructions on how to play Battlegrounds.

What is BattleFly Battlegrounds?

BattleFly Battlegrounds is the first flagship game of The BattleFly Network with strategic and dynamic battling taking places over two arenas: The Proving Grounds & The Hyperdome.

The Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds are a free to play unranked arena with rewards for winning and losing BattleFlys, perfect for any novice Fly wanting to learn the ropes. All must start here and prove themselves in combat.

Winning BattleFlys receive 2 Nectar whilst losing Flys recieve 1 Nectar.

Those who succeed will earn their stripes in the form of a Hyperdome Wing Mark, and are given the ability to enter The Hyperdome.

The Hyperdome

The stakes are higher, the competition is greater, and the rewards are unmatched. The Hyperdome is a true test where BattleFlys compete to climb the ranks of our leaderboard. Those who excel in combat, will be rewarded handsomely in the form of .

In The Hyperdome, BattleFlys compete for battle rewards by taking MAGIC from Flys they defeat in combat and for rich leaderboard rewards.

Each battle in The Hyperdome costs 0.1 MAGIC with the winner receiving .

Each day 750 MAGIC, thousands of Nectar and multiple Mod Packs are distributed to the best performing BattleFlys as well as a few randomly selected Hyperdome Flys. More details on the exact payout structure can be found here.

How to Play Battlegrounds

  1. Ensure you have a staked BattleFly (instructions available here)

  2. Navigate to Mission Control

  3. Click on your BattleFly to view more information

  4. Review the Characteristics of your BattleFly

  5. Scavenge for Mods and design the loadout of your BattleFly

  6. Click BATTLE NOW, select your Battle Frequency and either Proving Grounds or Hyperdome

  7. Regularly check-in on your BattleFly and test different mod combinations to maximise performance

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