BattleFly is currently in: Season 3
BattleFly takes place over the course of seasons.
Each new season introduces new features that evolve the gameplay and advance the story of BattleFly.
Players who dominate a season of BattleFly should not assume that the next season will bring the same performance and rewards by default.

Season 3

New in Season 3

Infestation Mods
Season 3 of BattleFly introduces many new exciting changes including:
  • The Infestation Expansion with 100+ Mods to shake up the strategic landscape of BattleFly
  • New Mod Effects:
    • Swarms: Mods that take time to activate but once Deployed deal passive damage or protection until destroyed.
    • Melee: Powerful close combat weapons that are difficult to hit with.
    • Blast: The perfect counter to Swarm Mods, target both the Swarm and base BattleFly with a single Mod.

Season 3 Resets

  • At the beginning of Season 3 all BattleFlys will drop a single rank allowing players to prove their skill in the new season.
  • At the beginning of each season, Nectar balances will be reset or partially reset. For Season 3 a maximum of 100,000 Nectar can be carried over from Season 2.
  • Any unopened Loot Caches from Season 2 will be auto-opened and credited to your account.