The Leagues of Battlegrounds.

League Ordering

BattleFlys playing Battlegrounds progress through the 5 Leagues earning additonally rewards as they reach higher Leagues.

The lowest to highest Leagues are:

  • Larvae

  • Pupa

  • Monarch

  • Predator

  • Apex

Additionally, each League consists of 3 ranks; III, II and I with I being the highest rank.

League Rewards

All BattleFly start in the Proving Grounds in Larvae League and graduate to Pupa III and being eligible to play in the Hyperdome Leagues once they have either:

  • Achieved a 60% W/L ratio over 20+ battles, or

  • Won 5 consecutive battles

BattleFlys are free to move between The Proving Grounds and The Hyperdome arenas once they have graduated Larvae League.

As a BattleFly moves up in League and rank they are eligible for additional rewards which are outlined here:

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